Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the Dames

Hayngrl - Mother of four. Wife of one. Workhorse extraordinaire. Seriously serious SLP. SAHM wannabe. Above all worldly things, I value family and friends. I am a scheming schemer. Expert at multitasking, I am notorious for overcommitting and overextending myself. Most of the time, my name is MUD, but you can call me whatever you want because I answer to almost anything. I am the loyalest of friends, an honest daughter, the favoritest sister... Striving to invent and define a better version of me.

Heather - Hi, I'm Heather and I'm addicted to blogging. They say awareness and admitting is the first step to recovery, but so far this hasn't done anything to motivate me. So, in my daily internal struggle to pull myself away from the computer (to do laundry/dishes/dusting/etc.) I do something truly crazy and accept an invitation to contribute to another blog! But how could I, in good conscious, deny opportunity? I have fans people. And I love all three of them very much -and if they ask, well I deliver. Its that simple. So... I don't see myself in recovery anytime soon. Shucks. If you fall in love with me too, most (really, MOST) of my time is over at A Goddess in Progress (because that's what I am.)

Kimberly - A 29 year old aspiring writer and stay at home mom. Thoroughly spoiled by a life full of material blessings she nonetheless suffers a wide gamut of mental afflictions; paranoia, egomania, depression, and a myriad of annoying but entertaining neuroses. She attempts to turn her wacked out mental state into interesting literature, and her failures are as funny as her successes. She has two little girls, a penchant for using the letter "u" in her spelling (she's Canadian), and gets a kick out of writing about herself in the third person.

MomBabe - I find these "about" things aggravating. I'm trying to suck it up , but it's not going so well. I am a wife, a homemaker, and a mother. And while those are my main focuses in life, it's not exactly how I would describe myself. I mean, yes, the majority of my day is spent with short people, but it most definitely doesn't define me. Unfortunately, I can't really think of a more suitable title, so I guess I'll stick with the whole Mommy-Blogger thing.

Nichole - When she's not going crazy in the search for a cure for her soul sickness or lost in the wilderness hunting down the former selves she's lost along the way, Nichole moonlights as a reasonably sane wife, daughter, sister, co-worker, and friend.

As much as she can, to the detriment of a clean house, clean laundry, and clean dogs, she strives to nourish the fragile link with her writebrain because her mind is too dark and scary a place to be otherwise. She writes here at Ms. Adventures, and over at Scorpion Sojourn, in a vain and desperate attempt to make sense of it all.