Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A little help from my friends...to save money

Sister Savings originally began as an email to friends to help one another save money while adding to their food storage. The weekly email soon became very popular as many people forwarded them to family and friends. Before long thousands of homes had requested to receive it each week. With the increasing demand to receive weekly emails, Sister Savings found it difficult to keep up, so she created this web site which began on February 12, 2008. All the information that was previously on the emails is now found on the web site - and MORE!

One of the popular feature of Sister Savings is the Weekly Sales, where the sales of local grocery stores are compiled together. It is an extremely useful resource for everyone to use and to save money! On this web site you will also find help with menu ideas, long-term storage, new recipes and more ways to save money.

I am not affilated with either of these I Just thought that I would add this to the blog to allow other viewers ways to save money.This service is FREE by the way. I also use CouponSense (not free) to help save extra moola. Everyone could use that right? Am I right or am I right?

Sister Savings


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the MomBabe said...

yes, but Sister Savings is only for Utah and Arizona. (ha-ha-ha Celia, no help for you!)

I may have to break down and buy some CouponSense. Tell me, Mel, how many Sunday papers you get?