Monday, April 21, 2008


It begins as a quirky feeling in the armpits. Only mildly annoying at first, but then the intensity increases. Soon, squirming sets in, and every hair of the head seems to be weighted down by some sort of supernatural force.

Eventually, there is no denying the fact that the desire to have a shower has suddenly rocketed to the top of ye olde priority list.

There is warmth and relief in the shower stall. Stress and grime are sieved off down the drain, and the steady patter of the showerhead dulls the daily clamour of sounds. A quickly snatched moment of peace amidst the chaos. And once done, there is the loveliness of being clean to be enjoyed. Perhaps time can be made for lotion. A face mask. Or at least a quick spritz of body spray which fills the steaminess of the bathroom with its sweet fragrance.

I know that this will be my experience the moment I climb the stairs and flick the shower on. I know the room will fill with humid heat and that I'll be able to finally shake the chill that has settled through my flannel pajamas during this unnaturally frigid Spring.

And yet I have filled my morning with other tasks. I've moved some furniture around, tidied up the girls' bedrooms and reorganized their toys. I've read some blogs, gathered up the laundry, and played the piano a bit. I've done everything I can think to do except have a shower.

I've been putting it off. And I've no earthly idea why.

This isn't an isolated incident for me. I encounter it daily. I skip showering on days when I get busy with this, that, and the other. And yet...I love showering. I love the process. I love the finished product.

I have no theories, and I'm a person who loves to dream up theories. How can I fight the problem without having the faintest clue as to its source?

Any insights? I mean, this isn't exactly an earth shattering problem, but even so.



the MomBabe said...

Well, for me, at least, it's like this. If I do A,B,and C first, I'll only have to have one shower. But if I shower FIRST, then I'll have to have another shower later.... or else I just say screw it, I'm not getting dirty/sweaty/whatever again.

the MomBabe said...

What I guess I'm saying is my showering schedule directly affects my productivity level.

the MomBabe said...

And I'll leave another comment just for good measure.

Celia Fae said...

Because I love my pajamas and I hate doing laundry, that's why.

hayngrl101 said...

The only time I DON't want to take a shower is if I'm getting ready to go and clean up the dog poop in my yard. Or if I'm going to the gym.

Mel said...

I have to shower to wake up. Unless I know that I am going to be doing some yucky cleaning then I hold off. A lot of times I even take two showers a day. So much for conserving water!

Stella said...

I have to shower if I'm getting up for work in the morning. Even if I've showered the night before after working out, I must shower in the morning. Although the state of our current water bill may dictate differently!
IF I know I'm cleaning and doing things around the house all day, I will wait to shower. Cleaning and being productive produces sweat which produces the need to shower, which I don't want to do twice in one day unless I ABSOLUTELY have to!

Nichole said...

Maybe it's because your shower has it out for you and can't wait to burn your tatas!