Monday, June 30, 2008

The Truth

Well, I had another email today from someone asking what was up with Ms.Adventures? To tell the truth, I don't know. Maybe we're all frazzled from the sunshine. Maybe we're a little too busy trying to entertain those kids that are on summer vacation. My truth? Is that I'm overly concerned with myself these days.

Not that I have much to be concerned with. It's all wallowy, self-pity, woe is me type stuff. And most of the time, I KNOW why things are the way they are. But remember here, when I cursing and complaining? I still have days like that.

In fact, today? I thought to myself, MomBabe, you're such a wuss. You can't hurt that bad. So I made an executive decision to not take my Vicadin....

By 10 am, I was frantically calling my husband saying "I don't know what's wrong! I think I'm dying!" Then he suggested I just take a freakin' pill already.

I still have mixed emotions. I'm not over this particular trial in my life. I'm sludging my way through, and while there's definitely good days, there's very bad days too. Because next Monday, my uterus will be rendered completely and utterly useless.

Go me.


Nichole said...

yeah. not sure what's up either. some of my posts on scorpionsojourn probably could go here, but I'm just barely getting back to normal over there. . . so. . .

I'm SO sorry about all you're going through! I hope it gets better for you soon.

heather said...

This is why I like to read Ms.Adventures. I really don't mind when there aren't posts often. No matter how often, I love the honesty. I love genuine people.
I'm sorry for your pain.

Stella said...

I miss you guys when you don't write but when you do it's so good and honest that it makes up for when you don't!

I can appreciate concentrating on your, it's much more important!!

Kimberly said...

It's been an odd cycle for all of us, I think. We all seem to be dealing with various degrees of "stuff" that have us kind of inwardly focused.

That kind of stuff can make for some really good blog posts, I think...things that aren't usually talked about that maybe should be.

The miscarriage threw me off more than I wanted to admit, I think. Maybe it's time to face up to that and come out of myself a bit.

So sorry you're hurting, hun...I don't think you're a wuss at all. ~hugs~

Celia Fae said...

What is up is that I can't think of anything. I've got a doozy coming, though.