Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Intentions

I have an intense dislike for the expression "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions." It draws attention away from the fact that the Road to Heaven is likewise paved.

I feel that we should glory in our good intentions. Our desire to be better, our yearning and striving to improve, is essential to progressing. And failure is also essential. Not only do we learn what to do differently, but we learn what's important to us.

As a mother, I have ample opportunities to make mistakes. Mistakes that don't just affect me, but also the two precious little girls that have been entrusted to my care.

And I care when I make mistakes. It hurts when I realize that my selfishness, laziness, our thoughtlessness, has hurt my girls.

I'm happy that it hurts. I'm happy that I care that much. Good intentions aren't enough, no. They don't make me Super-Mom. But what I've come to realize is that good intentions matter a whole heck of a lot. They mean that I have the potential to be Super-Mom.

And that's a road I'm happy to be paving.


Sarah said...

Thank you for this. You said it amazingly well. I know that when my frailties mess my son up, I get really upset... but I also know it helps me to be better the next time. And even better the time after. So I'm glad for that. I hope one day I don't mess him up, but until then, I'll take that little road and keep paving.

hayngrl101 said...

When I start getting frustrated at my kids, I tend to sigh loudly a lot. Yesterday, after putting out several fires one after another, my 5 year old son said to me, "Sorry I'm giving you a hard time, Mom." It was so very sweet and I felt like a heel for my frustration toward my kids.

I love this post. The good intentions of my heart is what motivates me to strive toward that SuperMom ideal.

After my son's remarks, I assured him I was a little grumpy and then made a concerted effort to lighten the mood around my house, which resulted in several full cans of pop opened, but not drunk, 4 pieces of nasty burnt toast and a too-thick layer of butter for dinner for Dad that the kids cooked.

heather said...

I love this. Thank you for it.

charrette said...

I'm so glad you said this. Intentions speak volumes about your heart...and the direction you're moving. I think our best intentions will ultimately BECOME actions. -- And I hope we get Brownie points for all the times we don't QUITE pull it off.

Brillig said...

Oh, Kim! I COMPLETELY agree, though I don't think I've ever though about it this way. What a fantastic post!