Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Twilight Discussion Now Open

I wanna talk about Twilight.

***************Warning: Spoilers.... sortof***************

I'd heard mixed reviews about the series from a handful of people and since I only base my political views on what other people think, I decided I should read the books and decide for myself.

I read Twilight on Friday.

I read New Moon on Saturday.

I read Eclipse on Sunday.

I obviously like the books. And yes, I'm going to be standing in line at midnight August 2nd with my friend.

HOWEVER. I have some questions/concerns that I need to discuss.

So Edward is a vampire and doesn't have any blood in his body.

Bella wants to sleep with him BEFORE she's human.

Generally speaking, you need blood circulating to get things going down south so that you can, umm, you know, do it.


Also, if we're just going to assume that things will just work because, hey it's not real life anyways, then is there also the possibility of Bella getting pregnant? Because again, with the blood thing, it kinda feeds the baby, blah blah blah. But if they get married and consummate before Bella turns vampiress, is there a chance of a baby? (basically, do you think that his sperm is dead or not? Really. It's bugging me)


okay, not really moving on yet. If there IS a baby, how do you think the other vampires will deal with sweet, sweet infant blood?

and if Edward isn't able to father a child, do you think they'd arrange for Jacob to be the daddy? (*I know, I know, we hate Jacob, GAH. I'm just throwing it out there*)


About Jacob. I mean, I like him. I understand why Bella's in love with him too. However, you know that whole imprinting werewolf thing? It's kinda like that with Edward and Bella. Jacob never had a chance. Recognize.


Umm, well, it's so detailed about the kissing and almost kissing and all that stuff, I mean, it's not like she can just graze over the whole marriage/consummate thing. So, I'm just wondering, how is that going to go considering these are Young Adult books and she's LDS? I mean, obviously, we LDS gals have relations and such, but is there a line drawn about how descriptive we can get with the process or is it more along the lines of "girls night" where we can talk about anything and everything anyways?


I realize all my questions revolve around sex. To that I say, meh, who cares? I NEED TO KNOW.

oh wait, one more thing: I think he is luscious.



lattemommy said...

Damn. I've never read the books, so I'm afraid to read the post. But my big question is: should I? (read the books, not the post) I'm always up for good reading material...

NotAMeanGirl said...

YES you should read the books.

Umm she describes him as hard bodied... mebbe its always... ready?

I don't think she can get pregnant... if the author goes there I'm out... it's just beyond my abilities to suspend the disbelief in that situation.

I think your right about the imprinting but I ALSO think Jacob has imprinted on her...

Kimberly said...

So weird, because I literally read the books altogether and just finished Eclipse two hours ago.

So with you on everything you raised questions about! I'm thinking the baby issue might become a sticking point, but I'm not sure. I was shocked to find out the author is LDS because, really? The romanticky stuff gets pretty churny in these books. Not as bad as lots on the market, of course, but my girls? Are not reading these books till they're old enough to get married. 'Nuff said.

I love the plotline of these books...very addictive. But I'm not feeling that passionate interest in the characters so many seem to. I'm not a fan, per se, mostly because for me? There's nothing redeeming about these books. They're great entertainment but my life has not been the least bit enriched by reading them. Quite the contrary, my house is trashed right now.

Love the casting though. Really fits my mental picture of Edward. Like the casting of Bella too, actually.

Can't wait for the next book, of course, but I'm not going to push people I know to read the series, that's for sure.

Sue said...

No comment


Danielle said...

Shall I admit I've wondered the same things? Well, only the part about the blood and uh, you know, needing it flowing and all. I think I like notameangirl's answer-- maybe he's just always... anyway. Besides, if his body is as rock-hard as she says, would that even be comfortable?

Bonnie the Boss said...

You are too funny. I have a cousin who has talked with Stephanie, or the "Queen Mother" is what she calls her. I can ask and get back to you if you want.

the MomBabe said...

He can't ALWAYS be "hard" For Pete's sake, he's in high school. How awkward would that be, walking around with an erection for the rest of forever

No, there's a better answer. I just can't figure it out!

Meg said...

Ok. I do LOVE these books….so of course I am going to get you the answers you are looking for:

So, regarding the 1st question. Stephenie Meyer wrote some emails with the Twilight Lexicon girls. This personal correspondence is regarding whether love making between Bella and Edward is possible, “Yes. Don’t think I haven’t put a lot of thought into this one. I’m not going to get technical, but rest assured, it is entirely possible.”

Also, check out question number 3 of this personal correspondence page:

I read about the sperm question somewhere…but I can’t remember the answer right now.

But, if Bella was to get pregnant and then change into a vampire, she would stay the way she was. So, she would stay pregnant forever. Oh the horror! This also says that the vampire body is absent of “most fluids”. But doesn't mention sperm as being one that is absent.

Um…I don’t see Edward placing any child with the dog boy. And, yeah Jacob never had a chance with Bella.

Stephenie has implied many times that any reference to love making would be tasteful enough for her dad to read.

Have you gone onto Stephenie’s website and read all the FAQs there and the extra chapters. It’s good stuff! Especially the first chapter on Midnight Sun that is there.

I’m surprised you didn’t ask about how he was around Bella during her period! Want the answer to that one? “Answer: Yes, a little bit, but he would never say anything about it–much too much of a gentleman. And Bella would be way to embarrassed to ask. (It’s not the same as a cut, though. It’s sort of "dead" blood, if you get my meaning).”

Wow that was a long post!

AZ Karen said...

Loved the books.

My girls won't be reading them any time soon...too 'descriptive'.

Never, ever, thought about the intimacy questions you raised (ooh, good pun)...but now that you mention it...

Anxious for the next book (that comes out on my birthday, incidentally).

Laurie said...

Glad you wrote this post. Now I know I don't want to read these books. (Yes, I know I'm now hated by everyone reading this.) But seriously, if teenage girls shouldn't be reading it, I don't want to either!

Thanks for the post!! You made up my mind to NOT read these!

dougandcheryl said...

I was going to answer your questions but I see that they have been answered. Stephenie answered them on the lexicon.
I think he's luscious too!

PokeyAnn said...

I have an idea: Bella is somehow a genetic carrier for the warewolf stuff, and she gets pregos by Edward and has the first highbreed, fun no?! And I am curious how Ms. Meyers is going to handle the whole actual sex stuff, because so far she has been very descriptive and so she's left really no place to go but "there".

Liz :) said...

hummm I'm also wondering if I should read the books.. I read Lauren's blog... and she loves this stuff. I generally hate vampire movies but these books are getting alot of hype and I'm second guessing whether I should read them or not... hummmm

Nichole said...

OK, you asked for it:

1) he's sort of luscious, but has weird teeth. and I'm not talking about his vampire teeth. I mean his regular ones.

2) haven't read the books and refuse to - see discussion on Sue's related post and comments for more info on why I feel this way. I kind of agree with Karen on this one. I'm still trying to scrub my brain from Son of the Witch. (some book burning may be in order there since I own it and don't want anyone else to read that filth. Look out - Fahrenheit 451 alert!)

3) I MIGHT see the movie. MIGHT, because I saw a "sneak peek" and wasn't very impressed by the dialogue. LAME.

4) Am I the only one who's a little disappointed that a fellow LDS woman is writing about stuff like sex and heavy petting and all that jazz and targeting it at young girls???? Even if the largest part of her audience is married chicks, I still find it disturbing that this book is in the YA section of stores. Anybody?????

Kimberly said...

In answer to Nichole's comment, I was...not shocked, but surprised when I found out the author is LDS. Not that the descriptions get graphic, per se, because honestly? She's pretty good at not getting into anatomical detail. But the heavy breathing and heart pounding, the yearning...it's all lust to start off with. You see the love come through...eventually...but at first it's just lust, plain and simple.

As for who the books are marketed to, well, sadly there's much worse out there marketed to our teens. These books at least seem to have some ethical, moral compass governing the characters. Even so, my girls will not be reading these till they're old enough for me to have already taught them that lust isn't love, and that you don't stumble across "The One" and everything falls into place and you KNOW. Life is not that simple and I worry that, inadvertently, that's what these books teach.

Of course, I'm not a fan of Cinderella either. I'm weird like that.

Lauren said...

I am over here from Mombabe's blog. Let's just say I am a Twilight expert. Seriously...my license plate is personalized and says "EDWDCLN"...no one is a bigger fan. With that, I will answer the questions.

First off, Bella and Edward can't get pregnant. Stephenie Meyer has proclaimed Edward unable to. He is like the perfect birth control, right? I think so.

Second off, I read in a Stephenie Meyer interview that Edward's venom takes the place of the blood. So when "doing it" his venom will do the job...so no worries about that.

Third, I think Stephenie Meyer won't go into detail about them having sex. I think she will talk about them leading up to it, then end the chapter. I think later Bella will reflect upon how it went...most likely they won't be able to have sex. Would she even enjoy it anyway? I personally think they will both like it better as vampires. Stephenie has said that vampires feelings, and emotions are ten times the intensity of humans. They feel happiness more, and sadness...poor Edward.

Lauren said...

Oh about Jacob and imprinting. He most definately hasn't imprinted on her. Stephenie confirmed that too. I think Jacob will either imprint on Tanya in Breaking Dawn, or fall in love wih Leah. He can't imprint on her because imprinting is when you see the person the first time after the change...and yah, that didn't work out with Leah, OR Bella.

Lauren said...

I agree with those that don't think the books are appropriate for young girls. My 12 year old cousin read them and I was SHOCKED. I mean, I am engaged and I was a little embarassed by the heavy breathing and the hitching of the leg on hip action. Loved it, but embarassed.

Does it make me a bad person that I loved it?

Cameo said...

Wow. You all need to get out more. Your poor husbands.

the MomBabe said...

Well this is getting more and more interesting. And apparently, I need to read any and all interviews with Ms. Meyer to get the answers I seek.

Also, for the record, my husband rocks my world. and vice versa.

Lauren said...

Meh, I don't have a husband for another 60 days....

Plus, Ted knows all about Edward.

Anonymous said...

Except that is not at all how I pictured Edward...I pictured him with blonde golden hair and muscular. Oh well whatever. I haven't read Eclipse yet...need to get it from my sister. Didn't really care too much for New Moon. Couldn't put Twilight down. When you get to VA you can tell everyone that the author just lived a city over from you.

Anonymous said...

I guess I never thought about all that stuff about getting it on...hmmm interesting.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is imprinting? I'm confused...

JustRandi said...

Your imagination works in vast and mysterious ways. Well either that, or it's pretty much a one track mind. Either way I'm sure that's why I think you're so funny!

Anonymous said...

I have such mixed feelings about this series. Good, almost trashy fluff for a summer read. Weak writing, weak dialogue, very little "meat" to it (har har). I have a friend with MAJOR issues towards Edward's near obsession with Bella - he is possessive, he watches her sleep, etc. In real world that translates to DANGER! But if our teenage daughters are made to think that's love, then all sorts of messages get confused. I read through the books quickly, have the 4th on pre-order from Amazon, but feel a little guilty for buying into such drivel. My advice: if you want to read great books by an amazing LDS author, READ SHANNON HALE!!

Margaret said...

I haven't read any of the Twilight books, but i TOTALLY agree with Stacey's last sentence - go Shannon Hale!

Malinda said...

The book is really not that descriptive when it comes to the actually act of it. I thought it would be. But it's not.