Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the guilt monster

There is this little monster

that pops his head into my life
every now and again, you know
and he is the 
Guilt Monster.
I think I mentioned him
in my last (and first) post here.
And I honestly haven't
thought about him in a long time.
But tonight I was doing my usual
blog rolling
and a post over at
got me thinking on it again.

I've decided that there are 
a few types of guilt.
The kind your mother used
to lay on you for staying out too late
or talking back to her.

Then there is the kind that comes
when you just bought something that was too much money
or ate something that you probably will regret eating later...

And then there is 
Divine Guilt.
That comes when the 
Spirit is withdrawing from you,
because you are making the wrong choice
and deep in your heart you know it.

What do you think??


Anonymous said...

I believe that all forms of guilt are from Satan ... whether it be your mama's or whether you feel it's spiritual. But that's just me. :)

the MomBabe said...

Well, I feel guilty right now because I'm leaving a comment on a blog instead of working on my talk that I'm giving in sacrament meeting this Sunday.

diane said...

I agree with you. There is the guilt trip and divine guilt. Their is a lot of unnecessary guilt that we put on ourselves. I gave up this guilt for my New Year's resolution. It's a waste of time.

Divine guilt is good if it pushes us to do what's right.

diane said...

I can spell... there.

diane said...

Now I don't feel guilty about my spelling error.

Sister Molly Jones said...

I don't believe that Heavenly Father ever wants you to feel guilty, he only wants you to feel of his love.

I hope you can be worthy of it- that is the only question.

Sister Molly