Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today marks the two month anniversary since my dear sister-in-law passed away. I visited my brother and he was in good spirits. I visited with her brother and his family and they seemed to be in good spirits as well. I try not to dwell on the specific circumstances surroundng her passing, but I often think about her and remember the wonderful qualities that she possessed.

Often times, when I hear a sad song or a nice love song on the radio, I think of her and how drastically my brother changed when they met. I wonder if he is listening and remembering her too.

This afternoon, as I gazed at her young son, I sat in awe of his beauty; of the beauty a new life has along with all the promise of the future. He is amazing. THEY are amazing, those babies. I held him tightly and admired at the wonder the hint of her lips and the shape of her brow that rests upon his beautiful face.

Those boys are getting so big. They are getting to be social little babies, gazing into the eyes of the aunts and uncles who love on them. Every now and again, they gift you with a smile and sprinkle you with little baby coos. I hope that she can see them and see their wonder. I hope that she can hear their sweet voices and know them. I am certain that if she could, she would be so proud.

In my mind, as I watched her close family members, I shout with praise and encouragement. You are holding on. You are making it. Though I see smiles around me, I know that she is sorely missed and she will be missed for a long time to come.

Seeing the spring flowers and the blossoming of these beautiful babies... reminds me of the atonement and plan of salvation. I am reminded of new beginnings and hope that those who were left behind can continue to find the strength to keep living, and keep living worthily for the promise of a reunion some day.


Nichole said...

Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. . .

Jeanee James said...

That is a touching story. I hope you are all doing well and will soon be able to see light at the end of the tunnel. Time heals all wounds.