Thursday, May 8, 2008's an ulcer!?

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So I haven't written much on this blog due to the fact that I was crazy busy with finishing up my junior year of college. I haven't been in school since 2001 when I got married and school was put on hold for really no good reason. I guess I thought I would automatically start popping out babies or something and how could I possibly go to school and raise a child, I mean honestly! Well, so flash forward to Fall of 2007, I decided to go back to college and thought I would ease back into it by taking one class (what a weenie) anyhoo, for some crazy reason I thought that I would try out three classes this semester! Why the heck not!? I mean c’mon what are two more classes? I mean, all I’m doing is sitting around raising a crazy toddler, watching neighbor kids weekly and due the first week of June…why not add some more stress to life?

Boy was I wrong! I think I have cried at least a couple times a week since starting this spring semester, threatened to quit and never return to school several times over. Hyperventilated, worried and felt like puking because of my stupid classes. I really believe that my baby is going to come out a giant ulcer…poor baby. Granted they were online courses that I’m taking through Northern Arizona University so at least I could work on homework in my “spare” time. If it wasn’t for my kind and patient husband who had to console me week after week and had to put up with my craziness I would have quit for sure. It may sound like I am over exaggerating but this was the hardest thing ever for me to do but I think it had to due a lot that I am preggo and all emotional and have crazy pregnancy hormones taking over my body…yeah that’s the story I’m sticking with. I am happy to announce that as of Monday the 5th of May I completed the last of my assignments and I am done until fall…ugh! Now I need to figure out how to fill all this “spare” time I have…maybe I can learn to write like all of these other fabulous ladies on here.


hayngrl101 said...

WOW. Hey, you're not crazy. Its called ambition, yeah. Seriously. I STARTED college when I got married. Four months after my dd's open heart surgery, I was 4 mos preggers also and in school. I had my first son on the last day of finals (hahahah). Then, my final year of grad school, I was due same as you- mid June and classes ended just a few weeks earlier.

Its the the pregnancy that's making it emotional. You totally can do it!

Congrats to you cuz now you're three more classes closer to graduating. nothing more satisfying than being productive with your time... just take a break now!!

Happy Mother's Day, by the way...

Nichole said...

Congrats for sticking it out! I'm so proud of you!!

I went to school and worked part time. It pretty much sucked beans. But I'm super impressed by mommies who raise kids and do school at the same time. I can't imagine!

Sometimes I feel that only those who've been there - or who've traveled there with spouses - know what it's like! My sis now calls me and tells me how hard it is, and I say "I know, honey, I know!"

Kimberly said...

Wow...congrats on surviving that! I find daily life hard enough, adding school to it would send me over the edge! Enjoy you new found spare time!

Stella said...

That's awesome! It's hard- I'm in grad school and have a 1 year old and a 3 year old- but it's totally worth it!
You'll be so happy you did it!!
Congratulations on going back and getting through this first year!!! You're almost there!