Friday, May 30, 2008

Life Pace

Years ago when I had had my first child, I was in a situation where I was staying with my SIL. She is an absolute workhorse, working her fingers to the bone, running her in-home daycare, with a million little lists of things to do and get done. Back then, I helped her out once in a while and by the end of the day, was so physically and mentally and emotionally fatigued I could barely see straight. At that time, I recall thinking that I did NOT like functioning at such a high level. As much as I was ABLE to rev my engines, it was simply too draining.

Over the years, I've come to learn that I operate optimally at a much slower pace where I am able to get a good night's rest and have unplanned, uncommitted time on my hands. Down time. Where my mind can wander... and I can relax... and be still... and listen. I am at my best when I have periods of time like this, even if its in the quiet of the night, or early in the morning... I just need a few minutes every now and again.

When my engine is running at 4000+ RPMs, I can make it, but its a struggle. Some things are sacrificed to keep up with the pace... things like blogging... and emailing... and organizing... and thinking. And this is where I've been at for a few weeks now. So busy, my head is swimming.

I'd list my to-do's here, but I seriously can't think of where to start. And to make it all worse, I can't think of a decent thing to blog about. So sorry, ladies!

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