Thursday, June 5, 2008

All is Quiet on the Homefront (or 2 minus 1 does not equal 1)

It's been relatively quiet over here at Ms. Adventures. To all our readers, though our numbers may have dwindled, I say "we're still here! we're still alive!"

If my fellow writers' lives have been anything like mine in recent days, blogging seems to take last priority. Alas, we have starved this blog nigh unto death and I come to make some lame attempt to raise this Lazarus.

Sadly, though, I don't come on happy terms, so the hoped for resuscitation might prove difficult. Because Ms. Adventures is not the only homefront that has grown quiet.

Right now, my brother's large, 5 bedroom, two story home in Johnson Ranch sits empty. It's been two weeks since she packed up my 4 year old niece and 18 month old nephew. Last night I kissed them goodbye "for now". Today, she moved them out of state. And he's been too out of his head with grief over it to go back to that house.

Here's the mathmatical equation I've learned: 2 minus 1 = lots and lots and lots of heartbreak. Not just for the original 2. For both extended families, too. I've shed tears over this. I've prayed. A lot. So have my sisters, my mom, my aunts. All the Mses in my family are hurting over this.

So, we band together, hands linked, arms outstretched, forming a loving and supportive circle around my brother. And we hope and pray for the best. And we try not to cry too much.

And we try to find a new way to do the math.


heather said...

So sorry. :(

hayngrl101 said...

How utterly devastating. For everyone. Sometimes I worry that this may happen to one of my siblins... I pray that it does not, but just the same, I think of the what ifs and my heart feels so heavy.

I'm thinking of you and yours...