Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

My mom is a character. I have never come across another human being that is quite like her. Of course, I hope to never cross paths with a pseudo-Gwen. That would be an interesting meeting, my friends.

I used to hate the fact that whenever there was contention among the young women in my ward (i.e. me vs them), my mother would HUMILIATE me by calling other mothers and chewing them out over us girls' discord. Ugh. It only took a few times until I learned to just keep my mouth shut.

My mom has this brand of... honesty? I think that's what you might call it. She used to just say her opinions and tell you exactly what she thought of this or that, regardless of how outlandish it was. I thought that this was a terrible thing and again, I cringed at the thought of her telling people what she really thought about things.

This one time, right when our Temple was being built, a person in the neighborhood called it a barn or something that was insulting. She got in that lady's face (she was standing in her doorway) and was defending it, shouting at her, in front of all the neighbors. The lady tried to slam her door in my mom's face, but my mom stuck her foot in the door so she couldn't close it until she was through giving the lady a piece of her mind. Us kids were terrified and all the neighbors were hanging out in their respective yards watching the showdown.

The thing of it is, I used to hate all these things about my mom. But as I've grown older and my kids have started to grow up, I find I can identify with a lot of the things that she did. I find myself imitating her Mother Bear ways and wanting to fight my kids' fights. I find myself thinking that it IS better to tell people what you really think, especially on important matters.
I've discovered that regardless of all of my mother's shortcomings and traits that I feel are lacking, there is a beauty in her, unique in her own way. The beauty is, she is a mother. MY mother. I love her, in spite of us not always seeing eye to eye. I love her because of all the things I see wrong with her, there is a lot of right things. There is something sacred about mothers and motherhood. I honor her. And I honor all of you mothers out there. I hope you all had a happy Mother's Day.


Joeprah said...

I enjoyed this and I can totally relate.

Jeremy (Discovering Dad) said...

I always appreciated my mother's honesty with me, but as you kinda said, I preferred it to stay with me. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Nichole said...

That's cool! I'm glad to be a daughter to my mother - even though we don't always see eye to eye. It's certainly a relationship you find no where else on earth than between a mother and a daughter or a mother and a son.
Thanks! And I hope you had a great Mom's Day!

Kimberly said...

Beautifully put!

Stella said...

Great post. I find myself wanting to fight my kids' fights too. Is it wrong that I want to push over that 4 year old who won't let me son on the slide?