Monday, May 19, 2008

My Religion is Showing

Here's the thing. A big chunk of who I am is my religion, so naturally a big chunk of what I want to blog about is my religion. I don't know if it is always appropriate, but I don't believe in hiding or qualifying who I am.

This is a problem for me on many levels. First of all, I use language and ideas specific to my religious culture that I don't always take the time to explain. I know some writers do that, but I'm usually too lazy. Plus, it disrupts my flow. This is a problem because I worry that I am alienating people who don't share my culture. I don't worry so much about people not liking me, but I worry about people feeling excluded from something that I think should be inclusive.

Another problem I have is that I am not always tactful, in real life or in blogging. I like to poke fun at things, including cultural mores that I find amusing. When does it become misrepresentation? Where do I draw the line?

Finally, I find it difficult to switch gears. When is it appropriate to show my soft underbelly? How do I go from silly religious culture to serious spirituality?

I realize these aren't earth shattering questions, but they are what I think about. How do other people incorporate their culturally specific issues into something appropriate for everyone?


Paige said...

Do people not of our faith really read our blog? Why would they? Good question, but I think you show your soft underbelly whenever you want just to keep the people guessing.

Kimberly said...

I have a blog readership of about 80 right now. Less that half of those readers are LDS, the rest aren't. I don't blog about church much. I don't talk about what happens in primary or how I totally flubbed when I was giving a talk once. What I do talk about (when I feel impressed by the Spirit to do so), is to talk about my beliefs, the importance of my Savior, how blessed I feel to have the gospel in my life. Essentially, topics that are universal to anyone with a Christian background, and sometimes even to those who don't have specific religious beliefs. We have actually been counselled by church leaders to share our beliefs through our online forums. I feel I need to do more in that respect, but when I do I try to write simply and in a heartfelt fashion. Although, I have been known to make fun of jello salads.

diane said...

Please don't draw the line! That is something I love about you. You can be righteous and irreverent!

tAnYeTTa said...

@Paige-*raising my hand* I'm not of your faith and I read your blog. :)

Thank you for always welcoming me into the 'fold' even if I leave the 'juice' on the counter when the elders come by to visit.

gab said...

I agree with Diane...this is one of the many reasons we all love you...funny + spiritual! They don't have to be mutually exclusive!

If we could vote for a General RS President, you would win by a landslide!

Stella said...

I'm fairly certain we don't share the same religion. I'm a Roman Catholic, I don't believe you are. I don't really think that matters. At least not to me. I find it interesting to read about different faiths and I especially enjoy reading about an individual's perspective rather than some textbook. While our religions may differ, we still believe in God and we believe in being good people. How different could we really be?

Lauren said...

I loved Tanyetta's comment :)

I think you can blog whatever you want because people like me love how your blog is honest and real. I love to hear both spiritual, and humorous.

Yeah, I agree with GABI! Celia, for RS General President! (If we could vote, I mean) ;)

hayngrl101 said...

I love LOVE reading your posts. The way I see it, be yourself. I think its helpful for people to see us in our own skins, funny, variety of senses of humor, and then the serious side. Its who you are and its who we are as a collective. I, too, don't take the time to explain some concepts... sometimes I think about doing footnotes, but I'm lazy...

Christie said...

There are a lot of people who are incapable at laughing at themselves. You, my dear, are not one of those people, and that is the reason I check you every morning. Our religion is a part of us, and if we can't laugh at the WHOLE of ourselves, what's the point? I guarantee you, HF has a good chuckle over a lot of stuff in this crazy world.

OHmommy said...

I figured out your religion months ago and although I am not part of your church I still read you.


Cause I like you. And you believe in God. I puffy heart that too.

I think people reach each other when they have some connections. You know? And it doesn't have to be a religious connection.

Indy said...

I am new to your blog. I think you have to just be who you are. People will read your blog and return if they feel connected. We may all be different but there are themes and issues that all people face. Don't worry about drawing a line. Be yourself and let people decide. If you are honest, readers will appreciate it and come back for more. I know I will.

Team Laws said...

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andrea said...

god called. he's made at you. you're out of his reverent five.