Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Book Clubs

Why do you belong to a book club?

What is the purpose of a book club?


Nichole said...

Yeah. I saw that movie "Jane Austen Book Club" and it looked all great and strange and eccentric and fun.

I just don't have the patience for such things after doing it for 5 (6? I can't remember) years in undergrad. English degrees ruin people from having intelligent, wonderful discussions about books.

I've started doing the dissecting thing with movies too.

Why do you think the director/author chose that character?

Was that a tool of social commentary or was it something deeper? Or just old fashioned humor?

blah blah blah.

No book clubs.

hayngrl101 said...

I sorta belong to a book club. THe last time I went, the book was Life of Pi (which I didn't read) and instead of really talking about the story, the women of the group criticized the character for the choices made (yah, I know its a true story thingy whatever) and then they spent the remainder of the time debating on which choice was better: sacrificing pride to get welfare assistance to provide for the kids, or, doing it all on your own no matter what for the sake of pride and teaching kids to be independent of 'help' even if it means they are homeless and hungry.

It was such a turn off because the gals were all trophy SAHMS never worked in their married lives, and I work... in the trenches... with the very mothers that have to make choices between the two.

I haven't been back since and that was a few years ago, I still get the meeting invitations and books to read, etc.

Just wondered if they're all like mine!

Kimberly said...

Wow, that would be just the weest bit off putting! I can't stand how narrowminded the SAHM/Working Mom debate is, on both sides. As if there's any clear cut right or wrong. There simply isn't.

I belonged to a really awesome book club, once upon a time. They actually shared their thoughts and feelings about the books we read in a very real, personal way. You really got to know the women in the group that way. It was pretty incredible. Like any group or club, it's character is largely formed by the members thereof, I think.

heather said...

Because I'm obsessed with books and the lessons and meanings hidden within them, I am also obsessed with my book club. These are beautiful women and each of them is different. Some married. Some not. Some with kids. Some not. Some work. Some don't. I go because I read a book and I come with all my input and opinions and my eyes are flung open with the perspective of others. Pretty good little representation of real life, seeing through another's eyes. And they pick really stinkin' good books that I can't put down. That too.:)
I was part of a different book club once though. And it sucked.

Cynthia said...

I've been in a bookclub for 15 years. I love it. People come and go, a few long time members, occasional visitors. We're not a highly intellectual group, sometimes we have deep discussions, sometimes not. I love the exposure to so many books, so many authors, so many topics, so many discussions. We take turns choosing the books and I find I enjoy reading books I wouldn't normally choose for myself. I like the fact that I hear references to a book or an author and I think "hey, I've read that." (It makes me feel smart.)

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