Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why am I annoyed? Saturday night novel...

I have slacked big-time on writing on this blog so I will try and make up for it. This week has been a week I don’t want to repeat. Not that it was completely awful just annoying really. Starting last Saturday the 31st my 3 year old daughter started coming down with pink eye. She has never had pink eye before so I wasn’t exactly sure if it was pink eye and so I decided that I wasn’t going to chance it by taking her to church the next day and infecting the whole nursery…which is a whole other topic entirely…keep your sick kids at home. I have no idea how she could have caught pink eye, I am way preggo and haven’t gotten out much and she hasn’t been around any kids recently so whatever.

So Monday morning rolls around and my daughter is still sick, her eyes look HORRIBLE, she has a fever from the other day and so I call the doctor’s office to ask them about her symptoms and see if it sounds like pink eye and if we should come in. Well the brilliant lady on the other end said that it didn’t sound like pink eye and I have never seen it before so what did I know? So we don’t go in at that point… Monday after waking from a nap my daughter wakes with a pretty high fever so I call the office again I tell them that I would really like someone to look at her so they say come right now. So I take her in to see the pediatrician in the late afternoon, not her pediatrician because he’s on vacation and he looks at her right away and says pink eye…nice, stupid lady telling me it’s not. He also sees fluid behind her ears but says they’re not infected just water? He also says her tonsils are some of the bigger ones he has seen and starts talking about sleep apnea…lovely. He also says I might want to think about having her tonsils and adenoids removed…okay but not today. The doc checks for strep throat as well and says the culture will come back in a couple days. They send us home with a prescription for eye drops. Monday night she wakes up at least 3-4 times crying for something…I make my husband trade off because I can’t get out of bed very easy. My husband and I get into an argument about getting up and he’s sitting out in the TV room with us in the dark and I tell him just to go to bed…what-ever. I guess since I don’t have to work in the morning that I should be the one to stay up and figure out how to get a sick 3 year old to go back to sleep that’s fine by that time I was so annoyed with him I would rather him go away anyways. I finally got to bed at 4:44am.

Tuesday she just looks horrible again, poor baby and so we just lay around the house…me tired of being pregnant and her just sick and miserable. Well later that night while my husband was at school she wakes up again crying and her body is on fire, my temporal thermometer was reading like 103-105 for her and mine was like 99 and I had already given her more than the daily dose of Tylenol, I text my husband because he’s in school and can’t have the ringer on (BTW…I hate texting) asking him what I should do, he says call the Dr. and I really don’t want to seem like a neurotic mother calling but I do and my husband keeps texting me that he’ll leave class at this time and then this time…and so on. I have to wait for the person on call to call back. Which they did and she can hear my daughter screaming in the background and this lady tells me “yeah she sounds like she has 103 degree temperature…give her some popsicles, give her a bath and give her some Motrin”. I didn’t want to drive to the store with my daughter screaming like that so I try calling my husband several times so I don’t have to repeat in text form what the on call person said and of course he doesn’t answer so I have to text it because he keeps asking me what’s going on, while I’m trying to hold and calm down my daughter…stupid texting, I am not the fastest texter and I’m trying to do it while holding a 3 year old flipping out!? I was getting so freaking mad and upset. Finally he texts that he’s leaving and his mom is on her way too. By this time I am soooo hungry because I have been taking care of my daughter and have forgotten to eat. I tell my husband to go buy some Motrin and bring something home to eat too. He brings the food but no Motrin…uhhh but then goes back out later to get it. His mom stays the night because it’s late and doesn’t want to drive home and in case I go into labor for some reason and needs to stay with my daughter.

Wednesday morning my daughter wakes up crying again and my MIL gets to my daughter first and I come in and my daughter still is on fire. So here we go again with the Tylenol and Motrin. She’s fine with the medicine but when it wears off she gets a high fever again. Now she has bloody boogers and snot everywhere and hasn’t eaten hardly anything since Sunday among all else that’s infecting her body. So later in the afternoon my MIL thinks that I should call the Dr. again because my daughter is just doing awful and that fever shouldn’t be going on for days and the pink eye still looks horrible. So I call and it’s of course when the office is closed for lunch. So I try to decide whether to talk to someone on call, by this time I am really getting sick of calling the Dr. but I do and I wait again for someone to call me back. I get a call back a little later and it’s another Dr. in the practice that I have never seen and asks what I needed. I explain to him everything about this starting over the weekend and coming in and her having pink eye after they said it wasn’t, ridiculous high temperatures…they last one I did behind her ear said 106-107 which freaked me out but I figured was probably reading wrong but mine seemed maybe a degree off, I told the doc that and he said “your thermometer is wrong buy a new one…I have never seen a temperature that high” okay…but it’s still way high and she can’t get rid of the fever and I was getting worried so then he’s telling me that they are all at lunch and if he could help me with something or if I wanted some medical advice or if this was something that could wait till the office opens…what the heck!? I was so speechless when he said that I became so mad and about ready to cry and then he says take her to the ER. I didn’t know what else to say and said okay…goodbye. I got off the phone and was trying to tell my MIL what this man told me and she got so mad she said I should’ve told him “ no I want to know where to get a DAMN pedicure!” of course I want you’re medical advice you idiot! I never EVER call the Dr. for stuff like this but this fever and all what was going on was ridiculous and I wanted to find out what was wrong…so anyways I’m crying and calling my husband that we have to take her to the ER and my husband tells me to call them back and see if they will see her in the office. I told him I didn’t want to speak to anyone at that office. Finally I tell him you call. He calls and then the office calls back asking for me and so I talk to them again asking if it’s necessary for us to go to the ER or just go to the office, they put me on hold and come back saying go to the ER. FINE! So we take her to the ER at the hospital on Higley and the 60 because that’s what was recommended. I feel so stupid taking her there and feel so dumb asking the Dr's for help. The ER people were so nice and it was completely empty so we were in and out within maybe over an hour. Apparently she did have an ear infection, the “water” that was there became magically infected. Get sent home with yet another prescription.

Thursday and Friday she still cried and kept getting up at night and having a fever and still looked horrible and slept most of the day on and off, hardly eating but drinking. She is now just barely looking better and it is Saturday evening.

On to more annoying things…I was due Friday the 6th and obviously that has passed. My doctors and/or the hospital don’t believe in inducing until 7 days AFTER the due date. So here I wait. Since about 36 weeks I have been 50% effaced and about 1 centimeter dilated! How lame is that?! That is even worse than with my first, who was induced after 3 days of being overdue. So I have my scheduled induction for get this Friday the 13th. Nice! But I also have to make twice weekly visits prior to the hospital for non-stress tests. Last night as I was going to bed I realized that I couldn’t get the baby to move and normally I can hardly sleep because of all the movement. So for about 1 ½ hours I’m trying everything I could think of to get him to move and of course I start freaking and I’m being kind of loud and my husband who is in a lovely deep sleep completely unaware of anything that I’m doing kind of makes a noise and I tell him that I couldn’t feel the baby move and then he’s back asleep and now I getting mad at him for not caring and finally he realizes that I am freaking and we try to figure out what to do and finally he calls his family and I guess someone would be right over to watch my daughter while we go to the hospital. Then of course I start feeling something, not much but at least something so I feel stupid again and tell him to tell his family not to worry. Well all that night and into the morning still not very much movement with the baby and finally we decide to call my Dr. I told my husband to talk to them by this time I was so fed up with Dr’s and I was freaking out anyways. Well they ask to talk to me, so I’m trying to talk without crying and she tells me just to go to the hospital and be safe. So off to the hospital we go and have to pack up stuff just in case I’m admitted…drop off daughter at in-laws, can’t get a hold of any of my family. Get to the hospital freaking out about my baby and see an obviously pregnant lady going into the labor delivery doors smoking a cigarette and she throws on the ground before going in the doors…oh that’s real nice! Anyhoo they hook me up and hear the heartbeat and I’m completely fine from there…of course the baby is fine. I still feel embarrassed upsetting everyone but I am so relieved. Now I just have to wait…I’ve tried a lot of those wives tales to hurry labor up nothing’s working so I guess I will just have to name my baby Freddy Kruger or Jason…yikes! Also sorry this is so long but I will probably be out of commission soon so maybe that will make up for it…unless I do a play by play of my birth and blog it…okay maybe not.

Friday the 13th


the MomBabe said...

Yes, this was a novel. And I'm so sorry Kimber's sick! Ear infections are the worst. Also, I vote you pick a new pediatrician.

I also vote that you figure out how to break your water. Crochet hook? Hanger?

And if you name your baby Freddy can we spell it like Phreddy? Cause that would be phat.

hayngrl101 said...

Well I'm just gonna say that you're off the hook. I don't know that I could blog with all that going on!

I'm so sorry about the ear infection. They are the worst (ok, so maybe lice could trump that, but I have yet to experience that... knock on wood). But atleast she should be feeling much better shortly.

Pregnancy. Oh, the memories. Do you by chance have a treadmill? :) You're a good mama, keeping that baby in there long enough to cook... it will all be over soon.

And who cares about us neurotic mothers? I thought that part of the dictionary definition for 'mother' included neuroses somewhere in there?

BTW, I'd be happy to share my pediatrician with you. I recently told her that I just FELT like there was something wrong with my 5 mo. old boy and wanted her to tell me I was being paranoid. She stopped what she was doing and said she wouldn't say that to me, and if I really felt that way (which I said yes, I do) then she will check him thoroughly and start looking more in depth... ok. So we can share this doc.

Chell said...

Hi there..I found your blog through Aubreys and really enjoyed reading it! I would like to pop over more often :-)
Have a great weekend and I hope things look up for you soon!